I Develop Websites

Having a website does not need to cost you and arm and a leg, nor does it have to takes months and months. Most churches and companies just want a simple website that meets their online needs and that is what I strive for.
Together we can work together to develop your basic content pages and have a site up in weeks. In addition to the basic content page, your site will also include:

  • Rotating Home Page Banners or Parallax Scrolling
  • Mobile-friendly web page design
  • Contact Forms
  • Search Engine Optimization (to make it easier for Google, Bing and Yahoo to find you)
  • Email encoders to prevent spam

There are no hidden fees/costs or haggling over a price. Once the details are in place, I will give you a set price and we will launch your site.


Virus can infect a website and it’s a headache when it does. That’s why I started providing monthly maintenance for websites I build. Here is what maintenance will include:

  • Do a monthly website health check
  • Update all out of date coding, plugins and themes
  • Fix any bugs due to malicious hacking
  • Keep a backup of your website

Content Management

Every website needs content and all search engines give new consistent content high priority. Therefore, I also provide content management and content creation. I do everything from updating information to creating blog posts relevant to your specific website.

Why WordPress?

I build all my websites in WordPress. It is the most popular content management system (55%) and it’s flexible enough to suit everyone from churches, small business owners, and freelancers to creative artists and bloggers.