PaulLuna.com is a ministry of Pastor Paul Luna and is dedicated
to growing and encouraging others.

It’s the desire of Paul Luna to grow, challenge and encourage others to deepen their walk with Jesus Christ through video and blog postings.

When I was around 13 years old I was presented with several questions that challenged my faith. So, I asked my mom about these questions I was instructed to speak to our pastor. When I spoke to him I was given few answers and left very discouraged. From that point on I continued to proclaim to be a Christian, but my faith was on shaky ground. At 21 years old God challenged me to begin researching the answers to the questions I had asked so many years ago. I began to read several books and through the Bible for the first time. I found everything I was looking for and became very excited about what I learned. I made a commitment to make sure that from that point on I would help answer the questions people had and equip other ministries to do the same using the internet, so that others faith would not be shaken as mine was.

Pastor Paul Luna

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Pastor Paul Luna is a vlogger and family man who loves God, his wife and his four kids. His mission is to lead people to Jesus, teach them to worship the Lord, develop them to Christ-like maturity, equip them for ministry, and send them into the world on mission with the Holy Spirit.  Since 2002, Pastor Paul has been committed to focusing on pastoral ministry leadership, reaching non-Christians, counseling and strengthening families.

Currently, Pastor Paul Luna’s primary work is organizing ministries, developing strategic plans and heading the online ministries. Pastor Paul is available as a social media strategist and for speaking engagements. Please take a moment to discover more about this creative leader and his caring family.

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